Our Dedicated Spaces

Chase’s three innovation spaces—Imagination Zone, Design Shop & Makerspace, and Multimedia Studio—are simply open spaces outside of traditional classrooms where students can ‘think about thinking,’ create and, of course, innovate.

These spaces enhance the Chase curriculum by encouraging students to explore hands-on experiences in design thinking, to work collaboratively and to make use of a combination of high- and low-tech tools, including traditional craft supplies and hand tools, kitchen appliances, squishy circuits, littleBits, 3D printers, high-tech photography and film-making equipment, and sound boards, as they work toward their academic goals. 


Imagination Zone

Chase Collegiate student inventing in the design shop and Maker Space

Design Shop & Makerspace


Robotics Lab

Two students collaborating at Chase Collegiate's Imagination Station


Chase Collegiate exploring and inventing at the tinkering station

Tinkering Stations

Tinkering stations around the Lower School serve as stepping stones in introducing design thinking to young children. Tinkering encourages children to engage playfully, explore, collaborate and invent. By igniting curiosity, tinkering creates conditions for students to imagine new possibilities and try new things.

Because the stations are in the hallways, collaboration among students from different classrooms is common. Kids also hone interpersonal and problem-solving skills, especially when parts of a project they’ve just completed are repurposed by another student.

Since each station presents different materials and challenges, students are discovering how to explore, adapt and design without realizing how much they are learning!